Do you find yourself looking for reasons to head over to the beach? Whether you live, work, or play in LBI – its always nice to pick up a new hobby in your favorite Jersey Shore town. Here are 10 fun activities you can try on the island.


You never know what you’ll find if you look close enough. That includes at the beach. Beach-combing is a fun hobby that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. You can collect beautiful Seashells or an eclectic assortment of sea-glass. Keep your favorite finds to display around your home, or dig a little deeper and research its origins. Want to go expert level? Invest in a good metal detector and start digging for buried treasure. Keep your eyes peeled – you never know when you mind find a message in a bottle wash up on shore!

Season: Annual Where To Get Started: Any Beach In Long Beach Island!

2. Yoga

Need to learn how to unwind and relax? Yoga is the perfect hobby to balance mind, body, and spirit. What better place to learn than by the beach. There are tons of ways to enjoy yoga around LBI. Find a nice studio to practice in or do some outdoor yoga in the warmer months. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Season: Annual Where To Get Started: Yoga Bohemia, Yoga Nine

3. Surfing

Tired of watching everyone having fun in the waves without you? LBI is the perfect place to take some surfing lessons. Learn from the professionals about the sport, water safety, and wave etiquette. Surfing is the perfect way to enjoy the beach while learning a new skill.

Season: Summer (for beginners) Where To Get Started: LBI Surfing, South End Surf & Paddle

4. Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding 

If surfing seems a little too intimidating, stand-up paddle boarding might be a little more your speed. Instead of catching waves, you’ll balance yourself on a long “SUP” board will paddling your way through calm waters.

Season: Spring/Summer (For Beginners) Where To Get Started: LBI Surfing, South End Surf & Paddle

5. Antiques & History

One thing LBI isn’t lacking is history. You could spend a lifetime learning about how the 18-mile island came to be the shore resort it is today. And historians that live and work on the island are more than happy to teach you. You can also spend the day antiquing at any of LBI’s assorted antique shops.

Season: Annual Where To Get Started: LBI Museum, Maritime Museum, Barnegat Light Museum

6. Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is the perfect sport for anyone who loves sitting by the shore all day. It doesn’t take much to get into it either. Walk into any bait & tackle shop on the island and employees will be more than happy to give you tips and suggestions on how to get started.

Season: Annual Where To Get Started: Surf City Bait & Tackle, Fisherman’s Headquarters

7. Sailing

While sailing can be a pricy hobby to get into, it can’t hurt to take a few classes. Learn how the water and wind work to get your boat moving. Learn how to work together with a team while taking in the views of LBI’s back bays.

Season: Spring/Summer/Fall Where To Get Started: Surf City Yacht Club, Harvey Cedars Marina

8. Cycling

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and get to know the island better. You can start off solo or find a group that matches your skill level. LBI has 18-miles to explore with your bike.

Season: Annual Where To Get Started: Shore Brake Cyclery, Walter’s Bikes

9. Kayaking

There are so many options for Kayaking today. You can rent one once you get to LBI, buy your own, you can even buy a kayak that folds up and fits comfortably in your car. Either way its yet another great way to get in shape while exploring the waters in your favorite shore town.

Season: Spring/Summer/Fall Where To Get Started: Island Surf & Sail, Harvey Cedars Marina

10. Jetsking

Jet-skiing is another fun way to play in the water for those who enjoy a little speed. You can either rent a jet-ski without a boating license and go out with a trained instructor OR obtain a boating license and go out on your own.

Season: Spring/Summer/Fall Where To Get Started: Holgate H2O Sports, Route 72 Wave-Runner Store