The New Jersey coast is known to have some of the best pizza around, and Long Beach Island is no exception. Whether you like thin crust, thick crust, extra cheese, or gluten free options – the island has a wide variety of pizza for the whole family to enjoy. According to reviews by customers on Google, these are some of the best spots to grab a slice on LBI.

1. Bay Village Pizza

One of the top rated shops on the island, Bay Village Pizza is part of the Bay Village shopping mecca. This area has been visited by guests to the island for over 50 years.

Location: Beach Haven Google Rating: 4.5

2. Custard Hut & Pizza

Known for their ice cream as well as their pizza, Custard Hut & Pizza is a family favorite on the island. With great outdoor seating options and games for the kids, this shop is an awesome place to stop for dinner.

Location: Beach Haven Google Rating: 4.4

3. California Grill

This spot is a favorite of locals and guests alike because it is open year-round. California Grill serves up all sorts of comfort shore food and they deliver! Make sure to check out one of their signature pies such as the Earthquake or Buffalo Chicken pizza.

Location: Long Beach Township Google Rating: 4.4

4. Speakeasy Pizzeria

Speak Easy Pizzeria has so many delicious speciality pies, its hard to choose just one! This family owned and operated establishment is open seven days a week and according to customer reviews has some of the best prices in town.

Location: Ship Bottom Google Rating: 4.4

5. Joeys’ Pizza

An island staple, Joeys’ Pizza got their start with their first location in Beach haven Crest in 1990. The Pizza business is in brother-in-laws, and founders,Joseph Rulli and Joseph Ferringo’s blood. Before Joey’s Pizza existed, it was Tony’s Pizza – owned by Ferringo’s Grandfather Tony. It was coincidence that the same location was open when Joey and Joey were ready to open shop, 6 years after Tony’s has been sold. Today, everyone loves Joeys’ pizza.

Locations: Beach Haven Crest & Ship Bottom Google Rating: 4.3

6. Surf City Pizza

Your typical shoreside pizza place, this is an island favorite. Surf City Pizza is open year-round. You can choose from any of the classics – Veggie, Meat Lovers, Hawaiian, Margherita, just to name a few!

Location: Surf City Google Rating: 4.2

7. Greenhouse Cafe, LBI

Open year-round, Green House Cafe caters to their customers. They offer crust alternatives for guest with allergies such as sesame seed or gluten free. Be sure to check out one of their specialty pies such as the Penne or the Suprema when you stop by for a slice.

Location: Ship Bottom Google Rating: 4.2

8. A Little Bite of Italy

A little Bite of Italy has been on the island for over a decade. They bring an authentic European touch to Long Beach Island. Not your average pizza shop, this family own restaurant serves nothing but the best to its customers.

Location: Ship Bottom Google Rating: 4.0

9. Calabria Ristorante

This family owned and operated restaurant is known for their fresh pastas and pizza. Located in LBI for over 20 years, customers rave, not just about Calabria Ristorante’s food, but the quality service as well.

Location: Beach Haven Google Rating: 4.0

10. Panzone’s Pizza

If you’re looking for a slice of LBI history, Panzone’s Pizza is the place for you. Around since the 80’s, this shop has been pleasing their customers with quality pizza and friendly service for almost 20 years. They originally started in Beach Haven, but quickly expanded and added a second location in Surf City. If you stop by, make sure to try one of their specialty pies such as “Anniversary” or “Country Style” Pizza.

Locations: Beach Haven & Surf City   Google Rating: 4.0