What cures the summer blues better than getting your home ready for the fall season? Whether you’re looking to revamp your home or your summer getaway, fall is the perfect time to cozy up the house.  Take a look at 11 decorating and remodeling ideas trending in 2018.

1. Maple Leaf Everything

One of the most quintessential fall icons is the multi-colored Maple Leaf. This year, the Maple Leaf is being incorporated in all sorts of fall decor. From fireplace garland to wreaths – flower arrangement to wind chimes, the possibilities are endless. You can either go the DIY route or checkout your local decor store for this seasonal look.





2. Scandinavian Design (Simplistic)

There’s a reason that Scandinavian design has been influencing American style since the 1950’s. Its clean and simplistic – and its making a comeback yet again. For those who need a break from all the bright and crazy color schemes, this ones for you. Think solid neutral colors, lots of whites, maybe a few pops of accent color here and there. You’ll also want to go minimalist and clutter free to fully convey your new look.

3. Oversized Florals

It seems no matter how much trends and style change over the years, florals always find way to stay in the picture. This fall is no exception – think big, think rustic. You can incorporate anything from large hanging plants to dried out floral wreaths. Add some floral patterned pillows to your couch or bed. Invest in some new floral dishes for the next dinner you house. You can be as bold or subtle as you’d like with this one.


4. Doormats Are In

It seems a lot of focus is going into the doormats this fall. The most noticeable trend has been a simple tan doormat with a black script or pattern. Whether it be your family name or a cute quote, you’re going to be seeing this everywhere.




5. Statement Rugs

One of the easiest ways to completely transform a home is a large statement rug. Fall is the perfect time for this addiction as it also gives your space a warm, cozy feeling. You can go big with crazy bold colors and prints or go with something a little more neutral and subtle. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a new rug.





6. Blonde Wood

If you’re looking to change up your furniture this year, try going with a lighter “blonde” wood stain. This works across the board – whether its your cabinets, kitchen table, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, you name it. Lighter wood is in.


7. Gold Accents

If you’re looking to make a change for the season, but don’t want to dive to far deep into the fall-themed rabbit hole, try working with gold accents. Whether they be something interchangeable like a new vase or something a little more permanent – like new light or kitchen fixtures. Gold accents will make any room in need of a makeover pop.


8. Black Furniture

If you’re looking for a bolder look for your new furniture than the blonde wood mentioned above – why not go black? Black furniture is a great way to keep colors neutral, but add extra flair into any room.





9. Pillows and Throw Blankets 

This has to be the best trend of 2018. Layering your couches, beds, or lounge chairs with tons of pillows and throw blankets is one of the coziest trends of the year. Mix and match colors and patterns for a more outgoing look or mix neutrals to stay quant and relaxing.






10. 70’s Era Aesthetic

One thing has been certain over the past few years – vintage doesn’t die. This fall is no exception. The 70’s are back in a big way.  This means adding high contract colors into your living room or warming up the kitchen by mixing bright colors with bold patterns. If the simple, minimalist look isn’t your thing, this is your new go-to.


11. Velvet

Just as it has in the fashion industry over the past few months, velvet is making its way into the home decor scene. You can either start light with a few throw pillows or a velvet accent piece. Want to go even bolder? Go for a velvet accent chair, ottoman, or couch.