The beach is calling and you’re ready to spend a week (or a few) in Long Beach Island, NJ. The time to get that summer rental booked is now. Here are 5 things you should know before renting a summer home in LBI.

1. Do The Prep Work

So, you’ve decided on Long Beach Island – now what are you going to do when you get here? Getting to know the area, specifically where you want to stay, will help make your vacation that much more carefree and enjoyable when you arrive. LBI stretches out about 18 miles long and is home to multiple neighborhoods such as Beach Haven, Harvey Cedars, and Brant Beach. Knowing which area you’d like to stay in will make it much easier to find the vacation home of your dreams. Make sure you meet most or all of your vacation priorities. Want ocean front views, a deck to lounge on, or to be walking distance from your favorite restaurants? Having a list of interests ready for your realtor will help them meet your needs more efficiently. You may not be able to hit every point on your wish list, but doing the prep-work will help make that list more obtainable. It also helps to be a little flexible when choosing locations and amenities. Being prepared also helps keep vacation costs down. No need to drive from one end of the island to the other everyday because you didn’t realize The CHEGG is in Beach Haven and your rental is in the Barnegat Light area. While most would argue The CHEGG is always worth the drive, keeping small logistics like this in mind will keep you on budget and worry free.

2. The Earlier, The Better

Try not to wait until the last minute to find a vacation home for the summer. LBI is one of the Jersey Shore’s most popular vacation destinations, so homes book up fast. Sometimes its hard to book a getaway months in advance, but once you’ve got your vacation time locked in – start looking. Waiting last minute doesn’t mean you won’t find a summer rental at all, but you might not get the exact home you were daydreaming of during those cold winter months. But with all that LBI has to offer, you’ll never be disappointed in your choice. If you’re still looking for a summer rental – feel free to contact Sea Breeze Realty, as we do still have rental listings available.

3. Does It Suit Your Needs?

Say you’re a family of five looking to rent a home alone, or to share with another family. Maybe you’re one of a few couples renting a house out together in the summer. Make sure the house you rent is going to fit your needs. Take certain factors into consideration such as communal living space, privacy, and house layout.  Consult with everyone pitching in for the rental to ensure they know exactly what to expect and prepare for. Find out which amenities are included and which are not. Do you plan on having additional guests over, or maybe even a little summer get together? Its best to clear these kinds of plans with your property manager ahead of time. Basically, make sure everyone is on the same page with what the house has to offer and what your big plans for the house are. This also means reading over your contract and clearing up and questions you may have ahead of checking in.

4. Checking In & Checking Out 

Always know what your walking into when arriving to your property. Before you even bring your luggage into the house, do a walk through. Keep an eye out for any damages or blemishes you see that you think may affect your security deposit. Make the property manager aware of anything you find so you’re not on the hook for it later. Cause some damage yourself? Accidents do happen and, in this case, communication is key. If you or someone staying at the rental causes some sort of damage to the home let your property manager know right away. Just as you did when you arrived at the property, do a walk through before leaving as well. Remember how you left the property. This helps both you and the property manager resolve any issues that may arise later.

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