Ahh the beach. We here on LBI can assure there there is truly nothing better! We just wanted to take a moment on this Friday afternoon and reflect on all the the things that make the beach oh SO amazing.

1. Tan Skin

Ok, it may not be “scientifically proven”, but we are 99.9% sure it’s a fact that the tanner you are, the happier you are! Need a nap? Lounge on the beach. Need a swim? Dive into the water. Want to play? Grab a beach game. No matter what you’re doing on the beach, you’ll be soaking up some rays (and we are pretty sure LBI has the best!) and getting that golden tan.

2. Sand, Sand, Sand.

Sand may not be fun when you have to vacuum it off your floor or out of your car, but in the right places it is the best! Earth’s exfoliator, the foundation to your castles, the home of unique shells- whatever the sand is to you, it is always great.

3. Vitamin D

Not only does the sun turn you into a bronze beach bum, but it bumps up your mood too! Our bodies crave natural sunlight, and the best place to get your dose of vitamin D is on the water! You’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and radiant!

4. The Waves

Long Beach Island is known for some great waves. Whether you are looking for a real-life wave pool, a place to float under the sun, or some good surf action, ocean waves are your go-to place.

5. Fun Under The Sun

The beach is, simply put, FUN! You can’t go wrong with spending an entire day on the beach- and you never feel guilty for doing it! The feeling before, during, and after a day spent on the beach is timeless.