The winter blues truly seem to be unavoidable! Even though they come every year, right on time, we never seem to be able to escape the “blah” feeling these cold winter months leave us with. Instead of dragging your feet through the day, we challenge you to shake your winter blues and get to work around your home with these simple and on budget DIY home decor improvements! Spice up your home (and your mood!) with these simple steps:

1. Cactus Makes Perfect!


Bring some life into your home (literally!). Adding plants to your home not only improves the room, but is proven to improve a person’s mood. Foliage around the home promotes optimism, asense of stability, and a calm energy.

Tip: Have a little pun (get it?) with your plants! Break out the paint and pick up some pots from the dollar store to decorate just a little bit more. With a little more green, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot less blue!



2. A Little Color Goes a Long Way

Winter can be beautiful when there is fresh snow and the fire burning- but on days with no snow and just cold, bitter weather, it’s hard to imagine any reason why someone would wish winter upon us! On days that seem extra grey, there is an extra need for some pick-me-up pops of color! Brighten up your home with a fresh bouquet of flowers from any local grocery store or florist. This simple touch will radiant life into your home and remind you that spring is right around the corner- keep pushing forward!

Tip: If you place the flowers near your entrance, it will be the the last thing you see on your way out and a warm welcome home at the end of each day.

3. Add Some Light to this Dark Winter


You can never have too many candles! A simple hack to bringing your home to life (and make it smell fresh!) is adding candles to every room. Not only does this add warmth to the room, but it make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Without the summer sun in our lives, we need as much bright, warm light as we can get!

Tip: Grab some jars from TJMaxx or Homegoods and fill the base with sand or stones to make your very own personalized candle holder.



4. Paint, Paint, Paint!


Getting crafty is one of the best ways to improve your mood, so be bold and paint that room you’ve always wanted to change up! The best thing about changing a wall color is you can always change it again, and again and again! Put on some music, grab a can of paint, and freshen up your home with a fresh coat of paint.

Tip: If you choose a lighter color, it will make the room feel more open, spacious, and positive!



5. Create a Cozy Corner


If you’re going to be bundled up in sweats and reading a good book, make that little nook look nice! This DIY simply calls for some rearranging and a few dollar store additions. Set up by a window to enjoy natural light and plant your favorite chair with a lamp, painting or some plants to create a comfy space. With a fuzzy rug and a fuzzy blanket, you will be warm and stylish as your break open a new book.

Tip: Add a side table or some shelves to decorate your corner with your favorite magazines, books or notebooks as a decoration!