Ahh spring cleaning, our longest running love/hate relationship. The feeling when all of your belongings are in order and in tip-top shape is truly the best, but on Day One of spring when you are staring at all of your responsibilities it can be very overwhelming figuring out where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve highlighted 5 simple and easy ways to start your sprig cleaning early to help take (some!) of the stress away come March 20th!


1. Clean Out Your Closet

We ALL have clothes in our closet that haven’t been touched in what feels like years (yes, even you!). A simple way to clear out some clutter is to tackle your closet first. By removing all of the clothes you know you won’t wear, you not only get a chance to revisit your current clothes, but you get to make room and organize space for NEW clothes!

Tip: Wait until you are 100% done, and then take yourself on a mini (MINI) shopping spree as a reward!



2. The Bathroom… 

If you’re lucky this won’t be too bad… but chances are if you are sharing a bathroom with more than one person, it can get messy- and fast! Bathroom cleaning is 9/10 times the ickiest one of all, so if you get a jump start on it, it will eliminate the worst part of your spring cleaning!

Tip: If you want to wipe down the bathroom again come spring time, it will be a simple and easy clean! (and if it’s anything like ours, it might need it!)




3. Your Desk

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind! It’s easy to throw a paper in a drawer to “come back to”… and then another… and another. Eventually you have excess receipts, mail, and plain old junk you don’t need! Start by organizing all of your paperwork into sections and throw away anything that is just taking up space! Then, grab some folders and label what’s left over!

Tip: If you still have papers you don’t know where to put, place an open bin on top of your desk. This allows you to address the paperwork you can’t categorize, and avoid shoving it into a drawer.


4. The Garage

Let’s face it, if your car can’t fit in the garage, it’s time to clean it out. The garage can be a great and efficient addition to your home, but if you’re not careful, it can become the most unorganized room! Grab some bins and a garbage bag (and maybe even some shelves if you’ve got the room!) and get to work on that garage. By the first day of spring you’ll be pulling into your garage with ease!

Tip: If you’ve simply got too much “stuff” in the garage, make it an organized work place! Maybe even consider setting up a desk or a counter!



5. The Kitchen

The kitchen can be a tricky one! You don’t want to throw anything away per say, but getting organized can make cooking a lot more fun! Whether it’s simply reorganizing your seasonings, or rearranging your cabinets, you can make your kitchen far more efficient with a little TLC!

Tip: A good scrub to your refrigerator, stove, and countertops will be a great way to kick off the clean in your kitchen!