“Island time” is a real thing! Sadly, time flies fast on Long Beach Island, and you’ll be leaving before you know it. Make sure you’ve filled your time with he best of LBI and check these 7 things off your summer bucket list!

1. Watch the sunrise AND sunset! On Long Beach Island you are lucky enough to be able to witness the breathtaking sunrise on the oceanside, and then travel only a half a mile west to watch the sunset on the bayside.

2. Sand-dollar Search Contest! Along the water are thousands of sand-dollars, some as large as your palm and others smaller than a button! Grab some friends and start searching under the sun for some sand dollars- whoever finds the most wins!

3. Learn to Surf! You know what they say…“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to ride them!”

4. Climb Old Barney! With over 200 steps, this climb will take your breath away- literally! The view at the top is unlike any other, and is worth the hike to the top.

5. Have Some Fun At Fantasy Island! Be a kid again and show off those skee-ball skills. Win some tickets and some prizes and have yourself a day or night in the arcade.

6. Visit The Original Ron Jon Surf Shop! Be a tourist for a minute and visit the store that started it all. (& grab a t-shirt or sweatshirt reppin’ LBI!)

7. Eat At The Chicken Or The Egg! Or as locals call it, “the Chegg!” With the best wings on LBI, you can’t go wrong visiting the Chegg (especially on a Wednesday night!)