Looking to sell your home, but don’t know where to start? Or are you in the market for a house, but going through listings alone has gotten overwhelming? Whether you’re buying or selling a home, its in your best interest to hire a real estate agent.

1. Agents Weed Out Those Empty Leads

Spam is everywhere you go theses days – and that includes the housing market. Agents help their clients cut through the clutter and find real prospects. They’ll be able to make the connections that make the most of your time.

Buying: Your agent will help pick out homes that best fit your needs and don’t come with a catch.

Selling: Agents can help weed out buyers that might be wasting your time.

2. Access to MLS

One huge benefit to hiring an agent is their access to the Multiple Listing Service, more commonly referred to as MLS. This system is like a digital network that can only be accessed by licensed agents and brokers who pay for a membership. Agents can both list and sift through detailed listing information which can only be posted and accessed by other professionals with a membership. This gives you, the client, a much greater market advantage that those who choose to work on their own don’t have.

Buying: Agents can find you detailed listings posted to MLS by other agents selling homes for their clients.

Selling: Agents can create an eye-catching and detailed listing for your home on MLS for other agents to show their clients.

3. They Know The Neighborhood

It might be your first time in the housing market, but its not theirs. Most agents work within a specific territory, and they know the neighborhoods well. This has a tremendous benefit for their clients. They know the ins and out of the local market and most likely have relationships with other professionals in the area.

Buying: Agents can help you find a neighborhood that fits your wants and needs.

Selling: Knowing the area helps make the selling process move more quickly and smoothly.

4. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Nobody likes to do it, but luckily for you, real estate agents make the paperwork process run as smoothly as possible. All of the legalities and paperwork can be a lot to take in, but for an agent, its just another day at the office. They know what they are looking at, what to look for, and how to make you feel confident in your purchase or sell. With an agent, you wont be left feeling like you forgot to review, sign, or confirm anything. They’ve got you covered. For this reason alone, hiring an agent takes a huge load off of potential buyers or sellers.

Buying: Agents will help gather all the necessary information needed to purchase your new home. They will also review the paperwork to ensure everything is on the up and up before you sign.

Selling: Agents will make sure your paperwork is legally sound and binding so there are no issues down the road.

5. Its All In The Details 

Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming. Sometimes important details get overlooked – but not with a real estate agent. Agents help you look into all the details that might kill a deal, bring headaches down the road, or just completely turn a sale into a nightmare.

Buying: Agents will suggest a good home inspector and go over all of the important details of the home to help make sure you’re not stuck with major issues down the line.

Selling: Your agent will make sure the details of the sale are ironed out and might makes suggests on how to make your home more sellable.

6. They Make Sure The Price Is Right

Agents are the experts, and they know what a fair price is. To make sure the asking price is a reasonable one, agents will do market and neighborhood research and see how your home fits in. If an agent is working for you, its your best interest they have at hand. They’re not going to let you go into a deal where the home is listed too high or too low without making the proper suggestions beforehand.

Buying: Your agent will look into the listing price to make sure you’re not over paying. If the home is listed low, they will find out why.

Selling: An agent will suggest a listing price for your home that is fair, but will also get you the most profit out of your home.

7. Let Them Handle The Negotiating

Not good with the back and forth? No problem, your agent is. Its part of the job. They can make requests on behalf of their client and, with their professional knowledge, will be able to advise whats reasonable and whats not.

Buying: Agents can negotiate closing costs, requests, or questions their client may have on their behalf.

Selling: Your agent will be able to protect your bottom line and not let buyers or other agents pressure you into lowering your already fair asking price.