Nothing ruins the honeymoon phase of your new home like a leaky faucet or broken appliance. Its a reminder that with homeownership comes responsibilities and costly repairs. But what if you didn’t have to call a repair man every-time there was an issue with your house? Take a look at 15 easy DIY skills you can learn to keep maintenance costs at a minimum.


The big debate among couples in a new home sometimes is whether or not to hire a painter or just throw up a fresh coat of paint themselves. This is one of the easiest DIY home projects to accomplish. It just takes a little patience. Click Here for 10 easy tips on how to paint like a pro.

2. Fixing/Reap-lying Caulk 

Bad caulk isn’t just an eyesore, it can cause major issues in your home if not addressed properly. Caulk is used to seal seems in materials and structures to prevent dust build up, insects, and mold issues. As homes age, so do their caulk jobs with normal wear and tear. Lowe’s has a great online tutorial for DIY caulking.

3. Leaky Pipes

The infamous leaky pipe – a nuisance among all homeowners at some point. Do you really need a plumber to come by for a few drips of water? Probably not. For small leak issues some plumber’s tape or  epoxy will usually do the trick. Don’t know what either of those are? Click here to learn more. If the problem persists, however, that’s when its time to call in the professionals.

4. Installing Shelves

While this is an DIY project, it takes a few more steps than you think. You want to know that your shelves will be equipped to handle the knickknacks you put on them. This requires leveling, wall anchors, and the right screws.

5. Using The Right Screws 

Material, screw size, thread count?! Anyone whose even walked down the aisle for screws and nails at hardware store knows the options are overwhelming. Well, not if you know what you’re looking for. Take a look here.

6. Replacing The Shower Head

This might sound daunting, but its easy! It really just takes a wrench and some teflon tape. Don’t believe it? Click Here.

7. Patching Holes In The Wall

A hole in the wall will put a damper on things, but there’s no need to panic. Depending on the size and the severity of the wall in your wall, most can be patched up on your own. Instead of just  hanging a picture over it and hoping nobody notices, check out this tutorial.

8. Cleaning Gutters

Typically on the top of any Honey-Do list. Cleaning the gutters might sound like a pain – you have to pull the ladder out, its most likely chilly out, but it can really be a breeze. Click here and learn how to stay safe.

9. Grouting Tile

Need to freshen up your tiles? A fresh batch of grout will make them look brand new. Not only is this the perfect DIY project, it can be very satisfying as well. Directions Here.

10. Removing Carpet

While replacing carpet might be a task for the professionals, sometimes removing old carpet yourself can save you a little cash. Most flooring companies will charge less to not have to deal with this step, so why not. Check out how to do it here.

11. Working With Wall Studs

Wall studs are used in the basic framing of your home and are traditionally spaced 16-24 inches apart. When hanging anything in your home, especially if its something heavy, knowing where wall studs are is important. Lowe’s does a great job at explaining here.

12. Recognizing Defeat 

While DIY is great, sometimes you’re just going to feel like you’re in over your head. Don’t feel the need to be a mini carpenter for the sake of pride or to safe a quick buck. If you’re not comfortable, just call the pros.