Feeling like your outside living space needs some updating? Check out some of this years latest exterior design trends for 2018.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Make your outdoor living space feel like a vacation oasis. When it comes to summer and fall planting, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from oversized ferns, delicate succulents, or even larger statement plants like the Traveller’s Palm Tree. Better yet, mix in all three to create your own mini paradise. you can add as many or as little variety to your space – just remember to water!

Tropical Designs

Don’t have much of a green thumb? No worries. Tropical fabrics and patterns are making a comeback. Whether you choose to go with a modern leaf-print pillow scheme or mix in some bamboo furniture – this is your best low-maintance option for a greener look outside.

Bring the Beach home

Don’t let those shells you and the kids collected  sit around – use them! Seashells, driftwood, and any other beach walk finds are a great way to cozy it up outside. It also helps add a personal touch to your decor. Every coastal find is a great way to keep family memories alive. You can add shells to a glass vase, use large pieces of driftwood as accent pieces, or even incorporate some sand. Either way, beach finds at your beach house will never go out of style.

Coastal Colors

Speaking of the beach, sometimes the best way to decorate is to blend in with your surroundings. Coastal colors are in. Whether you want to go with bold blues and sea greens or with or stick to a light pastel palette.

Industrial string lights/ Lights effects

Lighting is everything. One of this years biggest trends in the lighting department has been industrial ligthing. You can choose from perminant housing fixtures or stringed lights. Setting the right mood with your outdoor lights helps house guests feel more laidback and comfortable.

Antique pieces

Just like we talked about in our Interior Trends post, antiques statement pieces are in. You don’t need much, Don’t forget, LBI has tons of antique shops for you to find that perfect piece at.

Fire Pits

Think about those chilly fall nights when you still want to hang out back with the family. Fire pits are a great addition to any outdoor space. It creates a great communal area for every to gather around and hangout together.



Wet Bars

Why not keep the party at home? Wet bars have become the “it” feature when it comes to beach house new constructions and for good reason. If your going to make that outdoor living space your new oasis, why would you want to leave? Wet bars are a great and easy way to entertain guests in the comfort of your backyard or deck.


BoHo furniture

Bright colors and bohemian patterns can make even the blandest living space feel more inviting. Let your creative run wild with this fun loving trend. You can mix all sorts of patterns and colors to transform your outdoor living space into vibrant hideaway.

Stone Work

Step your backyard game up with custom outdoor stonework. Stonework adds a natural feel to your home and is easy to maintain. It holds up well against the elements and adds an attractive allure to your property.