Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience, but when you throw kids into the mix, it can become an emotional rollercoaster. Depending on their age, children become very attached to the home they’ve been growing up in and change can be scary. While it may not be easy, there are plenty of ways to make the moving experience just as exciting for the kids as it is for you. Here are 7 ways to ease the moving process for you and the kiddos.

1. Family Meeting 

First things first- get the kids mentally ready for the big change. Sit everyone together in a comfortable spot in the house and start talking about your plans. You can let the kids know what new neighborhood or town they’ll be moving, whether or not they’re going to a new school, what to be ready for etc. Again, conversation will differ and should be tailored to their age. It might be a good idea to let the kids in on the move before you even find a new home.

2. Make A Wish List 

If you’ve decided to let the kids in on the home buying process, it couldn’t hurt to find out what they’d want in a new home as well. Letting your kids be a part of the home search might make the whole experience a lot less scary for them. It will make them more familiar with the idea of moving. As a family, come up of a wishlist of amenities everyone would enjoy having at their new house. Make sure the kids know this isn’t a definitive list, but a way to try and make everyone feel at ease.

3. Get Rid Of Old Toys In The Old Home 

Not willing to bring ALL of your kids toys into the new home? Start the elimination process sooner than later. You can even make it (or at least try to make it) a fun thing. Have the kids pick toys they no longer play with or want and have a yard sale. Let the kids use the money to do something fun in their new town or neighborhood once the move happens. This may help give them something to look forward to with the move.

4. Make Room Decorating Exciting 

Your kids will most likely be attached to their own room more than any other room in the house. So, in order to make them feel comfortable as soon as possible in the new home, let them be a part of the decorating process. Maybe let them pick the wall colors or a new bed spread. Do they have a favorite movie or tv show character? It couldn’t hurt to include some memorabilia to the mix. Planning how they will decorate their room in the new home is another great way to get your kids excited about the move.

5. Moving Day

The big day has finally arrived. Try to think if any and all essentials you may need for your kids during the move. This could include their favorite juice boxes, snacks, packing their favorite lunch. Anything thats going to help you get all the heavy lifting and organizing done more affectively. If your kids are younger, it’ll probably help to have someone there they feel comfortable with to supervise them during the move.

6. Make a “Me Box” 

Get a reasonably sized box for your kids to decorate and make their own. Something big enough for them to put some of their favorite things in for move in day. This box should stay easily accessible during the move. This way, while your in the midst of organizing bed linen and kitchen utensils, your kids won’t be at your feet demanding you help find their favorite toy in a sea of boxes right this second. This also includes comforts such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, maybe a DVD to pop in if possible.

7. Emotions Will Happen 

Don’t be surprised if after all the planning and preparing you’ve done to make the move go as smooth as possible that emotions still flare up. Its normal. Change is scary for kids and when things become too unfamiliar too fast they may start to act out. Just be patient and try to really listen to what they are telling you.