How often do you day dream about the million dollar homes you drive by on the island every summer? Do you ever catch yourself browsing through the real estate section of The Sandpaper or Oasis Magazine “just to see” how much your favorite vacation home would run you? These properties are one of Long Beach Island’s biggest draws. They catch the eyes of seasonal visitors almost as easily as the coastline they sit on. Believe it or not, these homes are more obtainable than they used to be. Interval ownership has open the market to buyers interested in being a part of the Long Beach Island community, but who don’t want to take on such a large financial investment.

So, what is Interval Ownership?

For starters, its not a timeshare. Although its easy to relate the idea of Interval Ownership to timeshares, the two concepts have some major differences. With timeshares, your buying the rights to use a property, not the actual property.  With Interval Ownership, your name goes on the deed right alongside other joint owners. Its as much yours as it is theirs. Your investment value increases as the property market increases. You’re putting your money into something that can be passed down through generations. One thing anyone can tell you from living on the shore is the memories you build here with your family are priceless. Your kids are going to remember those days at the beach house forever and hopefully the tradition will continue with their own kids.

What are the perks?

The most obvious advantage of Interval Ownership is the price tag. Since potential buyers would share the cost of the home with joint owners, that seven-figure listing becomes a fraction of the price.

Each owner is entitled to 10 weeks at the home, 2 of those weeks during prime summer season. This means you get to enjoy your home at different times throughout the year. Owners can also rent out their weeks! If you’re looking for more of an investment than a summer home, or maybe a little bit of both, you can rent out some or all of your 10 weeks.

Your new vacation house also comes completely care free. No need to think about utilities, landscaping, or trash day. The home comes fully equipped and furnished – all you need to bring to your new spot is yourself, your family, and your favorite vacation outfits. Interval owners also don’t need to worry about the maintenance of their property. Interval Management takes care of the major up kept and cleaning of interval ownership home.

See for Yourself!

Here are just a few examples of what Sea Breeze Realty currently has available. Want to see even more Interval Ownership homes? Contact us today at our Surf City Office 609.494.7778.

220 Liberty Avenue, Beach Haven

Enjoy this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Beach Haven. Just 6 houses from the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy an easy walk to the ocean everyday at your new vacation spot. Take in the summer ocean breeze out on your deck after a long day soaking up the sun.


4 E 79th Street, Harvey Cedars

If you love convenience, you’ll love this 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom home in Harvey Cedars. Not only will you be 7 houses away  from the ocean, you’ll be walking distance from restaurants, stores, and ice-cream shops. This home was totally renovated this year.


17 E 76th Street, Harvey Cedars

Take in OCEAN FRONT views from this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Harvey Cedars. This home has fresh paint on the walls as well as new flooring. Enjoy a cup of coffee with family at the breakfast bar or cook up dinner with the outdoor grill while enjoying your gorgeous views.