1.Living On The Veg

Vegetarians and vegans rejoice! Living On The Veg proves you don’t need to serve meat to be one of the top rated restaurants on Long Beach Island. They offer all kinds of meat-free options from sandwiches and burritos to smoothes and soups. If you’re trying to convince you’re meat-loving friend that vegetarian food IS really good – this is the spot to take them.

Location: Long Beach Township Google Rating: 4.9 Known For: Vegetarian Options

2. The Gables Historic Inn & Restaurant

If you enjoy a little history with your dining experience, The Gables Historic Inn & Restaurant is the spot for you. This local favorite offers a “knock your designer socks off” fine dining experience. You can expect candle-lit tables, a warm fire place, and crystal chandeliers to enhance your dinning experience.

Location: Beach Haven Google Rating: 4.8 Known For: It’s Elegance

3. Scojo’s 

A family favorite, Scojo’s has been serving up some of LBI’s best food for 20 years. This family owned and operated restaurant is a casual place to bring the whole family for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Scojo’s prides themselves on great serve and even greater prices.

Location: Surf City Google Rating: 4.7 Known For: Family Dining

4. Barry’s Do Me a Flavor

One of LBI’s many family run businesses, Barry’s Do Me-A-Flavor serves up at least 24 flavors of Arctic Ice Cream during the season. The family stays true to their fishing family roots and might even be one of the servers scooping your ice cream or tossing your burger on the grill. This is a South Jersey must visit.

Location: Beach Haven Google Rating: 4.7 Known For: Local Fishing Vibe

5. Black Eyed Susans

A local “beach casual” spot, Black Eyed Susans offers diners seasonally sourced food paired with great atmosphere. The BYOB spot describes their dishes as “highly creative and very approachable.” They pride themselves on the relationships they’ve build with farmers and fishermen. They even list the local vendors they use on their website.

Location: Harvey Cedars Google Rating: 4.7  Known For: Locally Sourced Food

6. Howards Seafood Restaurant

A well known spot in LBI, Howard’s Seafood likes to mix traditional with contemporary. You can get a classic broiled dish or trying something a little more out of your comfort zone. Their elegant atmosphere is perfect for date night or a celebratory dinner. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with your visit.

Location: Long Beach Township Google Rating: 4.7 Known For: High-End Dinning

7. Pearl Street Market

This market has it all – dine in, take-out, to-go, and catering options. Known to have some of the best seafood on the island, Pearl Street Market is a can’t miss local eatery. They’ve even been featured on The Rachel Ray Show’s “Snack of the Day” segment.

Location: Beach Haven Google Rating: 4.7 Known For: Great Seafood

8. Shore Good Donuts

Who doesn’t like a good donut? Owner’s Todd and Rich started Shore Good Donuts in 2011 after realizing there weren’t many donut options on the island. Plumbers by trade, they set off on an unlikely adventure that has turned into one of the best spots in town.

Location: Ship Bottom Google Rating: 4.7 Known For: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!

9. Bowker’s South Beach Grill

The owners of Bowker’s South Beach Grill loved visiting Long Beach Island every summer so much that they decided to make it home. Now, they have one of the most popular deli’s in town.

Location: Beach Haven Google Rating: 4.7 Known For: Great Service

10. CHEGG – Honorable Mention

So, The Chicken or the Egg is just shy of making the 4.7 google rating cut, but they made the list because of the impressive amount of reviews they have – over 1,200! Known for their variety of wings and other munch food, The CHEGG is not only a fan favorite, but a LBI landmark.

Location: Beach Haven Review: 4.6 (but, over 1,200 reviews)