Its that time of year again. The weathers getting colder, and so is the house. Looking for ways to save money and headaches this winter? Here are 8 things to do to make winterizing your home a breeze.

1.Check The Fireplace 

What’s everyone’s go to winter head source (if they have it)? The fireplace. For some, this is the focus point of their home and when the cold sets in it, they want to use it. Although they are festive and a sure sign of winter, Fireplaces can be hazardous if not maintained properly. Animals and insects sometimes build nests while dirt and dust can cause dangerous build ups. Its recommended to have an annual inspection before lighting up your first fire. At the very least, make sure to clean and maintain your fireplace to ensure optimum safety.

2. Fix The Draft 

A drafty room isn’t just uncomfortable, it costs you money. The more cold air that gets into your home, the harder your heating system works to keep the house warm. You might not notice while lounging around the house, but you will when the utility bills come in. Nip those unnecessary costs in the bud as soon as it gets cold out. Do a walk around in your home and figure out which doors and windows are letting the cold air in. Make easy fixes such as getting a door sweeps or applying fresh caulk to windows.

3. Run Fans In Reverse 

Ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping you cool in the summer. They can actually save you money on heating your home in the winter. Switch your fans rotation clockwise to help pull hot air trapped toward the ceiling back down into your living space. Some experts suggest this could help save homeowners up to 10% in their overall heating costs.

4. Turn The Hot Water Down 

Want to save even more money this winter? Turn down the heat. Most conventional water heaters are set to 140 degrees, but you save about 6 to 10 percent on your heating bills this year if you knock that down to about 120 degrees.

5. Check The Thermostat 

Think about it, how often do you lower the thermostat when you’re not home? Well, this small adjustment (or buy a programable thermostat for about $50) and save another 3 percent in utilities this season.

6. Insulate Your Windows 

Sometimes you just need to add a little more insulation. Make a visit to your favorite home improvement store and invest in a window insulation kit. The process is super easy and will help your homes ability to hold in heat better.

7. Protect Your Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor furniture can be pricy – and despite the name, its not mean’t to be left outside all-year-round. To protect the durability of your outdoor furniture (this includes the grill) its suggested you move it into a shed, basement, or garage until the spring. Don’t have the extra indoor storage? You can also invest in weatherproof covers too.

8. Cover The Air Conditioner 

You’re not using it, and you can’t move it, so why not weather prove it? Air conditioning units can get damaged in the winter by snow and ice. The last thing you want to find out on that first hot summer day is you have a broken fan. So, take precautions now and cover it up tight until the warm weather returns.