To the beach! When traveling to the beach, it’s essential to pack your bag with just the right items. You never want to carry on too much, and you never want to leave something behind! Luckily for you, we’ve been doing our research and thanks to the ultimate beach queen herself (Lauren Conrad!) we have found the list that outlines all of your beach essentials! Check out the LC list of beach approved items!

  1. The Best Bag- make sure it is comfortable enough to carry and big enough to hold everything you need!
  2. Beach Hat- block that glaring sun and give your face some shade! (helps avoid wrinkles and sun damage too!)
  3. Sunglasses- take care of those eyes! Sunglasses are a must to make your beach day oh-so-perfect! P.S. we have the best sunglass shops in New Jersey right off the beach!
  4. Water Resistant Phone Pouch- nothing will ruin a beach day more than a sandy soaked phone! Come prepared with a water-resistant bag and keep your device safe and sound!
  5. Portable Phone Battery- another aspect of a beach day you can’t live without is tunes! Make sure to bring a portable phone charger to keep your phone blasting music throughout the whole day!
  6. A Good Read!- when it’s time to sit back. relax, and soak up some sun, the best thing to do (besides taking a nap of coarse!) is to get out a good book and dive in! Under your hat and through your shades, you’ll zone into the pages while getting the best tan.
  7. Beach Spiker- You can’t go onto the beach without a refreshing drink, so pick up a beach spiker to keep that drink cool and upright throughout the day!
  8. Sunscreen- never, EVER, forget sunscreen! Your skin (looking bright red!) will regret it!
  9. Sunscreen Lip Balm- Don’t forget your lips! If you thought chapped lips were bad, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve got burnt lips! Make sure your lather on some sunscreen lip balm before and while you’re on the beach!
  10. Leave-in Conditioner- make sure your hair stays moist and unknotted. No one wants to walk off the beach with knotted, dry hair!
  11. After-sun Moisturizer- trust us on this one, your sin will thank you.
  12. Wristlet- keep your most important items in a smaller bag, just so they stay separate from he items you pull in and out of our bag all day!
  13. Games! (Our Addition) – Long Beach Island is full of beach games that will keep you laughing and playing all day!