You can’t find a Jersey Shore town that doesn’t have great seafood – Long Beach Island included. There are tons of restaurants to choose from on the island. Whether your looking for something quick and casual or a little more upscale, theres plenty to choose from in any neighborhood. The following seafood restaurants in LBI have at least a 4.5 rating on Google.

1. Howard’s Seafood Restaurant

A well known spot in LBI, Howard’s Seafood likes to mix traditional with contemporary. You can get a classic broiled dish or trying something a little more out of your comfort zone. Their elegant atmosphere is perfect for date night or a celebratory dinner. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with your visit.

Location: Long Beach Township Google Review: 4.7 Dining: High-End, No Reservations

2. Carmens 

On the island since 2011, Carmens offers a unique seafood dining experience. They serve their guests locally sourced seafood and produce to ensure the freshness of their dishes. They mix things up and add a modern touch to their menu.

Location: Beach Haven Google Review: 4.7 Dining: Fine, Do Take Reservations

3. Stefano’s 

With a great reputation among their frequent diners, Stefano’s is a LBI crowd pleaser. They offers a combination of high-end Italian and seafood dishes. They also offer take-out for those who’d rather dine at home. If you’re looking for a romantic night out, this is a can’t miss spot.

Location: Long Beach Township Google Review: 4.6 Dining: High-End, Take-Out, Do Take Reservations

4. Biggy’s Beach Grill

If you’re looking for seafood that has Caribbean flavor, you need to stop by Biggy’s Beach Grill. They offer great food and a relaxing, laid back atmosphere. You can choose from fish tacos, bowls, or even a burger for anyone who isn’t a huge seafood fan. A great place to sit outside and grab a quick bite with the family.

Location: Beach Haven Google Review: 4.6 Dining: Casual, Outdoor Seating

5. Harvey Cedars Seafood Co.

This local restaurant doesn’t just have one of the best reputations on the island, but its one of the oldest running seafood spots in town. Harvey Cedars Seafood Co. was established in 1972 by brothers John and Mike. The restaurant has evolved since its humble beginnings, but one thing that hasn’t changed is it’s quality food. Harvey Cedars Seafood Co. has one numerous awards and is winning over new customers everyday.

Location: Beach Haven Google Review: 4.5 Dining: Casual, Quick Bite

6. Yellowfin

Customers rave about every aspect of Yellowfin. From their Asian influenced cuisine to the great service and cozy atmosphere. If you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional shore seafood experience, this is your spot.

Location: Surf City Google Review: 4.5 Dining: Upscale, Asian Influence, BYOB

7. Country Kettle Chowda

Just as the name suggests, Country Kettle Chowda is known for their selection of chowders and soups. A great little traditional seafood shack, they offer customers soup in a cup or bread bowl. A great place to stop after a long day at the beach or if you’re on the island for lunch.

Location: Beach Haven Google Review: 4.7 Dining: Casual, Quick Bite

8. Uncle Will’s

Cozy and corky, Uncle Will’s is a great family oriented restaurant to eat at. a Beach Haven landmark, this eatery has been around since the 80’s. Uncle Will’s isn’t just limited to seafood either. Its a great spot to bring a big group of diverse eaters.

Location: Beach Haven Google Review: 4.6 Dining: Casual, Quick Bite, Cash Only

9. Wally’s

Another long standing restaurant in LBI, Wally’s has been a family owned for over 40 years and just recently changed hands and is under new ownership. However, its great reputation among loyal customers continues. This is a great spot for a casual bite with family and friends.

Location: Surf City Google Review: 4.5 Dining: Casual, Quick Bite